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Reporter Visits Omar’s Homeland To Prove It Is Safe, Gets Murdered

A well known journalist decided it was a wise idea to go to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s homeland to prove it is a safe and beautiful nation and she paid with her life.

The woman, Hodan Nalayeh, immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was a kid, the way Rep. Omar did when she immigrated to the United States.

Nalayeh wanted to go to Somalia and prove that the narrative about her nation of origin were incorrect and that it was a peaceful nation, CNN reported.

“Beautiful thoughts create a beautiful life. What a blessing to be back home in #Somalia after 30+ years away,” she said on her Instagram on May 1.

“This will be my first #Ramadan back home. InshaAllah, let’s make dua for our country & people! Leave your duas below 👇🏽 reading positive words changes your brain chemistry,” she said.

“Had an amazing time filming in #Goobweyn with Architect @degan_omar who came back to #Somalia from #Italy,” she said in another story.

“This beautiful place is where the Jubba river and The Indian Ocean meet in #Somalia in the outskirts of #Kismayo. Our country is beautiful.”

But last week she sadly witnessed the other part of Somalia, the dangerous part, and it took the lives of her and her husband, CNN reported.

Hodan Nalayeh, a prominent Somali-Canadian journalist and YouTube star, was critically wounded during the attack and later died in hospital, police captain Mahad Abdia told CNN. Her husband Farid was also killed.

Another journalist, Mohamed Sahal Omar, who worked for the Puntland-based Somali Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), was shot dead while attempting to photograph the attackers inside the hotel, according to a statement by the National Union of Somali Journalists

“I’ve developed a passion for photography. Starting to take photos daily to share with my twitter fam,” she said in her last Twitter thread.

“Spent the day on the island of Ilisi near #Kismayo with the local young men who bring fish to our city. Incredible to witness their joy & love for fishing,” she said.

“It was an incredible day to witness #Somalia’s beauty on the island of #Ilisi,” she said in her final tweet before she was murdered.






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