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Jon Voight Rips ‘Hateful’ Radical Left, Calls Trump ‘Greatest President of This Century’

Actor John Voight lashed out at the radical left for drowning us in hate and extreme anger all aimed at President Trump.

He said Trump is the greatest president of this century who has a love for people all nations.

“This is not peace,” he said in a video posted to his Twitter. “This is not love. This is hate among the radical left.”

“No amount of book smart will show the given policy of what truth stands for. Truth is a powerful emotion. Love … is what we should be voting for.”

“And I must say that we — the Republican Party — have voted for renewal, for a place of safety, a community where all can have peace,” Voight added.

“But this is war among the left. They have hate. It’s like a venom. No words of God, no words of love, but a radical emotion of hate.”

“I’ve said this many times and I’m saying it again. From the deep truths of my heart and soul, President Trump is a man of truths, love and justice for the American people and also for the people of a sacred place, Israel.

Not only does he love our country, the United States of America, but he has a love for the people of all nations.”

“Let us pray for peace. Let us pray for this country that President Trump will take on four more years of his strength, devotion, knowledge of truths.

And all that doubt and have extreme anger toward President Trump, may they be shown differently, that President Trump is the greatest president of this century.”

“Let us take a stand for liberty and justice for all. God bless.”



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