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After Man Tries To Steal Trump’s Tax Returns – He’s Pleading Guilty To A Major Federal Violation

He tried to rip off ‘The Donald’ – now he’s getting what’s coming to him!

Democrats have been trying to get Donald Trump’s tax returns for ages.

They just won’t give up. They’re trying everything, including passing bogus laws that would force him to reveal his personal tax info.

But one young man from Minnesota decided he wouldn’t bother with trickery or laws.

He’d just break the law, and then get his greedy mitts on Trump’s taxes.

However, college student Justin Hiemstra, 22, didn’t count on one thing: getting caught.

From Fox News:

A Minnesota man on Tuesday pleaded guilty in federal court to trying to access President Trump’s tax returns through a federal financial aid application used by millions of college students.

How did he try to cheat the system?

Well, he and a friend opened a Free Application for Student Aid (FASFA) under the name of a Trump family member.

Then they allegedly used Trump’s personal information, including his Social Security number and birthdate, to attempt to gain access to his tax returns.

But it didn’t work.

And the bottom line is, no matter what your political views are, this is a major violation of the law. Several laws, probably.

And as U.S. attorney William McSwain said:

No matter what you think about the president’s tax returns, clearly this kind of illegal activity cannot be tolerated or condoned.

Yeah, you can’t attempt to obtain any citizen’s IRS filings and get away with it. It’s not just a violation of privacy rights, it’s a major federal offense.

Especially against our Commander-In-Chief.

No doubt some liberals would support what this kid tried to do, though.

Despite what the Constitution and Supreme Court say, the Democrat party honestly believes they have a right to demand Trump’s tax returns.

Well, they haven’t succeeded yet. And if we keep up our support of the President, maybe they’ll stay that way.

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H/T:Patriot Journal

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