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California Trump Poll Catches Democrats Off Guard – A New Red Wave Could Be Coming

This came from out of Left field – even Donald couldn’t predict it…

Where is the last place you would expect Trump to do well in the polls? Probably a very liberal region, right?

How about the once Golden State, California? The uber-liberal state has a supermajority of Democrats.

Every policy they put forward is in direct opposition to Trump’s MAGA agenda—and they’re paying for it.

But, wouldn’t ya know, a new poll reveals that a 2020 red wave might be starting on the West Coast.

From Fox News:

In a state that has been at the forefront of the anti-Trump movement and in which Trump was only able to garner a little over 30 percent of the vote in 2016, voters think better of the president than they do of their own legislature, according to a new poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California.

Right now, Trump’s approval in California is small. But it is actually bigger than the state’s approval of their own leaders!

Trump is four points ahead of California’s Democrat legislature. That’s pretty pathetic, you guys.

I mean, your state is the poster child of over-the-top liberal policies. Your people elected mostly Democrats to local government.

Yet you’ve done such a terrible job, running the once prosperous state into the ground, that Californians actually like Trump better.

How could this be?

Maybe it’s because Trump is putting Americans—all Americans—first. His policies are helping regular, everyday people succeed.

Meanwhile, California lawmakers are wasting billions on projects that will never get finished.

They neglect vital infrastructure, often leading to droughts and other major issues.

And homelessness and dirty cities are on the rise—because of Democrat policies. People are fleeing the state as we speak.

Seems to me that Californians have every reason to want more of Trump and less of Governor Newsom and his comrades.

This could be the first sign of a great big red wave in 2020 – if he can win in California, where can’t he win?

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