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After Hollywood Actress Posts FAKE Trump Quote, Patriots Set Her STRAIGHT On Social Media

She LIED about what the President said – and now Trump supporters are making her PAY…

Hollywood will leap at ANY opportunity to smear the President of the United States.

And of course, these anti-America celebrities don’t care if the information is accurate.

They just want to spread hate about Trump.

The only problem is, when the entire world realizes that you’re lying, well … you better expect some major backlash.

Just ask washed-up actress Bette Midler.

She posted a picture of Trump on Twitter with what was supposed to be a quote of his from 1998 (this Tweet has since been removed, by the way).

Trump allegedly said he’d run as a Republican because they were “the dumbest group of voters.”

Then Midler said insultingly, “He certainly knew his crowd.”

…except the quote she’s citing?

It’s FAKE. He never said any such thing, as Snopes proved some time ago.

And Twitter users were quick to pile on Midler for her massive mistake:




Furthermore, Washington Free Beacon reporter Alex Griswold said they’re investigating the original source of the quote.

It sure as heck wasn’t Trump, after all!

Here’s his Twitter reply to Midler:


“The Washington Free Beacon has launched a comprehensive investigation to find whoever first made this fake screenshot and publish their name and criminal history.”

Midler probably doesn’t even care if it’s fake.

Hollywood celebrities are notorious lately for caring little about truth and facts, and only about attacking the sitting President.

Thankfully, there are still people out there who refuse to let these elitists get away with such garbage.

What would YOUR response have been to Midler?


H/T  gopdailybrief

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