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After Donald Visits Swing State, Radio Trump Fans Give Him 2020 Victory

Even Donald didn’t expect such a generous gift from 3 radio hosts.

To millions of voters, Trump might seem like a shoo-in for 2020. The truth? He’ll need all the help he can get.

Democrats will do everything to steal his spotlight and hide his many successes.

So thankfully, three radio stations down South just promised to give the president a big boost—in a state he needs to keep.

From Orlando Sentinel:

Two days after President Trump rallied his base in Florida’s Panhandle, vowing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid for the hurricane-devastated region, three local radio stations said they would air Trump speeches daily until the 2020 election.

Talk about commitment! Three radio stations in Florida will be airing Trump’s speeches every hour daily until the election.

The stations will broadcast two-minute clips of some of Trump’s most powerful speeches every hour, every day.

Imagine how much money that’s worth – instead of advertisers, Florida citizens hear Trump’s speeches.

Why the enthusiasm all of a sudden?

Florida has good reason to thank President Trump. After the state was hammered by Category 5 Hurricane Michael, Democrats abandoned them.

They refused to give Florida even a dollar, and that’s after dumping billions into Puerto Rico.

President Trump dropped the hammer on Congress, by promising hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild the cities and communities devastated along the Florida panhandle.

As someone who only lives 30 miles from the devastation, I can tell you, this is big. Places like Panama City Beach were wiped out. It will be years before families can move back into their homes.

And to think, Democrats weren’t willing to lift a finger. But Trump was.

In thanks, these stations will be reminding their listeners of the successes our president has achieved.

Florida is one of the lynchpins for 2020. Anyone who wants to be president needs to win over the state.

Some have even said that Florida is Joe Biden’s “firewall.” He won’t be able to win without it.

But considering the state swung red in a big way in 2016—ousting its only liberal senator and electing a new Republican governor—the Left wants revenge for what they lost.

But thanks to these radio stations, millions of Florida residents will be reminded of Trump’s impact on the state.

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H/T: Patriot Journal

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