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Nancy Pelosi Announces Constitution Change – She Just Tore It Up In Broad Daylight

Pelosi’s going after the most important foundation of our Constitution – but the media is silent on it.

“Queen Pelosi” and her Democrats are officially out of control—and her latest statement proves it.

Under Pelosi’s direction, Congress demanded the full, unredacted Mueller report. On top of that, they tried to bully banks to get Trump’s financials and taxes.

President Trump is done playing her games and put a stop to all of it by using his “executive privilege” to shut them down.

But Pelosi’s latest proclamation confirms she wants to tear up the Constitution for good.

From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday declared that Congress is a “superior branch” of government, as the clash between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration over closely held documents intensifies.

Uh… what!? What does Pelosi even mean when she says Congress is a “superior branch” of the government?

She’s basically trying to change the Constitution – and so fundamentally, she’s tearing it up in broad daylight for all of America to see.

Pelosi boasts that Congress has the power to “make the law” and Trump can only enforce it.

Uh, no, Mrs. Speaker. It scares me to death that you forgot your high school civics.

Congress and the White House (legislative and executive branches) are co-equal branches of government. They provide checks and balances to each other, along with the Supreme Court, but none of them are “superior.”

And when the leader of the House and person 3rd in line to the presidency starts talking like a monarch (or dictator)…

You should be worried. I am.

Does she even know the Constitution—or does she just want to tear it apart?

“Queen Pelosi” wants to impeach Trump over nothing. She thinks she can get rid of our elected president, just because he put her in her place.

He is totally in his right to use executive privilege to keep Congress from overreaching and acting “superior.”

If Nancy had her way, Trump would be gone, Bernie Sanders (or Creepy Joe) would be in the White House. And all our economic prosperity earned in the last two years would be flushed down the toilet.

With their majorities in the House and Senate, they could pass the Green New Deal and pack the Supreme Court.

I know, I know, stop the torture! There’s only one way to make sure this never happens. Support your President and VOTE.

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H/T: GOP Daily Brief

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