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After Congress Holds Barr In Contempt – Trump Drops His Executive Hammer

Minutes after Democrats dared Donald, he burned their Washington swamp to the ground.

Democrats in Congress are playing a dangerous game—and Trump just handed them their biggest loss so far.

After a week of threats, Democrats actually followed through and held Attorney General Barr in contempt for refusing to show up to their show trial.

Hours before, Barr threatened big consequences, and now Trump dropping his executive hammer in a historic move.

From Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed executive privilege over the full, unredacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report as House Democrats voted to find Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand it over.

WOW. They’re going to feel that next week. They won the battle—and immediately lost the war.

Well, you voted to find him in contempt of Congress. Now watch as that backfires on your agenda.

In fact, Trump is using executive privilege for the first time in this standoff—and he’s denying Democrats the very document they so eagerly demanded from Barr.

You know, had the Democrats behaved like reasonable adults, they probably would have eventually gotten what they wanted. But they overstepped their authority with Barr, holding our Attorney General in contempt.

You just don’t do that—unless you’re out of your mind.

And now they will never get the report.

Their demand was empty anyways. We know the redactions were only there to protect witnesses and ongoing cases. But Democrats were desperate to find something, anything, to use against President Trump.

Democrats are learning the hard way that America is not a banana republic—it’s a Constitutional Republic. Trump is the rightful president of this country, and they can’t use Congress to bully him into submission.

Perhaps they’ll only learn when they are voted out of office.

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