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California Trump Fans Fed Up With Democrats – Write Giant Message On Their Moving Trucks

Someone just sent me this picture and I knew I had to show it to all of you – I love it!

California has been losing residents in recent years and I can’t imagine why!

I mean really…Don’t you guys like rampant homelessness and horrible Democrat policy?

No? Well, you’re not alone.

Someone snapped a picture of these great Patriots on the way to Texas. Apparently, other people feel strongly about it too, they are fed up with California.


If you have bad eyes like me, I’ll give you a transcript. There are two moving trailers on the road with writing on the back.

They say:

Texas or BUST. More tax dollars leaving California



Take that California. If you keep running off hard-working Americans from your state you will be even more bankrupt than you are now!

(California state debt is over $1.5 Trillion)

Maybe take a lesson from the great state of Texas – we do things right.

We’ve got no income tax, 3.8% unemployment, and a whole bunch of patriots that want to protect the American way of life we all love.

The only way we can continue to enjoy these freedoms is by making sure our voice is heard at the polls.

Texas (and many other states) are trying to be turned blue by Democrats and we have got to get the word out.

Please help President Trump and do your part right now. Make sure your friends and


H/T  Patriotjournal

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