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Trump Slices Up Top Democrat Program – Cuts Down Washington Swamp

Democrats thought Donald would never dare – not this liberal darling.

Democrats—and many others—hoped Trump would be just another typical Republican.

They assumed he would follow the plan of expanding the size of the government and spending relentlessly.

But, as usual, he’s proving them all wrong. He’s taking a scalpel to the federal fat and making us lean, lean, lean.

From Fox News:

President Trump’s fiscal 2020 budget proposal, in a bid to cut costs, calls for eliminating a range of programs and offices.

These include cuts to education loan programs and an office within the EPA.

The EPA? That’s got to hurt, Democrats! Reports are that while most are taking a 5% cut, the EPA could get cut by over 30%.

Some of the programs he seeks to cut he calls “duplicative and ineffective.”

One example is the Economic Development Administration, an agency helping rural areas after natural disasters.

But that’s something that can be taken care of by FEMA. Trump is getting rid of wasteful redundancies.

President Trump is dedicated to saving Americans money. Typical politicians seem to spend, spend, spend, with no end in sight.

But Trump’s promised to put Americans first, not the government.

Cutting programs and slashing the budget will reduce the need for the federal government from sucking our paychecks dry.

Most Democrats want the government to grow—did you hear about the Green New Deal?

And where has spending mountains of taxpayer dollars ever gotten us? Just more and more debt, and all the same problems, it seems.

President Trump is simply forcing the government to be responsible with our money. Isn’t that the goal, after all?

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