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Congress Dazed By Trump Curveball – Drops 2020 Border Wall Slammer

Democrats didn’t think Trump would dare – get ready America!

President Trump just dragged the Washington swamp through a long fight to get the wall built.

After a shutdown and plenty of tension, Trump declared a national emergency and secured billions for the wall. But not nearly enough.

And Democrat heads are going to spin when they hear what he is demanding now – but wall supporters will be thrilled. From Breitbart:

US President Donald Trump will seek $8.6 billion in fresh funding for a wall on the US-Mexico border in the 2020 budget request, likely triggering another fight with Congress, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday.

Trump asked for $5.7 billion last year, and instead of asking for it again, he upped the ante, asking for $8.6 billion. That gets America very close to a complete wall and airtight border security.

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I am pretty impressed by President Trump’s deal-making skills, and I bet you are too.

Who else would dare to shut down the government to keep America safe? Only Donald Trump.

And now that Trump has done it, Democrats know he’s not playing around. He’s willing to do it again, but they’re not, which is why the wall construction has begun.

Pelosi is vowing this won’t go through, but she knows the polls are not on her side.

The American people have made it clear: they want a safe America, and they know 1 million people are going to cross the border in 2019.

Do you stand with President Trump to finish the border wall?

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