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Nancy Pelosi Suffers ‘Jeb Bush’ Moment – Her Career Could Be Over

The media tried to hide it – but the viral video is out, and Nancy’s in trouble.

Many people scoffed when I call Nancy Pelosi an unqualified Speaker.

But it looks like I was right all along!

Has Pelosi finally outlived her usefulness in Congress? Freshmen Democrats are taking over her party from the Left and she’s losing control.

As it turns out, Nancy can’t even string a few simple sentences together. Time and again, we’ve cringed at her tremendous gaffes.

But his one is worse than Jeb’s “Please clap,” moment. Much worse.

From The American Mirror:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was like a mother hen to America’s mayors on Wednesday, telling them when to clap for her…

The House Speaker suffered several bizarre flubs during the appearance at The United States Conference of Mayors meeting.


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Pelosi stumbled over the LGTB acronym. We gotta give her a pass with that one, because they keep adding letters to it.

More than once, she suffered a brain freeze, stuttering and flubbing her pre-written talking points.

It’s one thing to mess up when you have just a few notes. But to flub a carefully written speech? (By one of her staff members?)

Is this what we expect out of the person who is third in line for president?

Compare her performance to Trump or Pence giving speeches – those guys aren’t begging for applause, are they?

This is the same woman that called Trump’s border wall “an immorality.” Yeah, that’s not really how humans talk, Nance.

Every time Pelosi appears behind a microphone, she seems to make the case she has no business leading the country.

The fact that the Democrats in the House made her their leader shows how in trouble they are.

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