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Trump Ditches ‘Build The Wall’ At Texas Rally – Announces New 2019 Slogan

Donald is done with ‘Build The Wall’ – but he’s got an even better one for Trump supporters to chant.

Last night Trump hosted a big rally in El Paso, Texas. And boy, was it a doorbuster!

Thousands packed the stadium and thousands more were outside. Beto’s puny counter-rally, on the other hand, couldn’t barely muster a few hundred, with the media lying for him!

President Trump fired up his crowd of patriots as he spoke about the wall. But as they chanted, “Build the Wall,” he had to correct them.

There’s a much more accurate way to say it now.

From Daily Caller:

The crowd chanted “USA! USA!” as a protester was removed off-camera.

“Where do these people come from?” Trump asked. “Where do they come from? They go back home to Mommy. They get punished when they get home.”

The crowd then began chanting, “Build that wall!”

“Now, you really mean ‘finish that wall,’ because we’ve built a lot of it,” Trump quipped.

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Since Trump’s taken office, large portions of the border wall have been built. Numerous areas have been upgraded and improved.

Work is underway as enhanced steel barriers are erected, making smuggling impossible.

The work is being done. The only thing stopping it are obstructionist Democrats who want unchecked migration to flow.

We need to demand Congress “Finish the Wall.” That’s important. We need to acknowledge the progress Trump’s made.

We also need to remind the Democrats that despite their “resistance,” the wall is being built. They can’t stop this goal. We need the wall and it’s getting built.

Now it needs to be finished.

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