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After 3 Scandals Shake Swing State – Democrats Blindsided By Red Wave

A coin flip just turned this into a complete disaster for the Democrats.

Apparently, Virginia is for lovers – and weirdos.

The top 3 Democrats are deep in controversy, with Democrat calls for Governor Northam to resign and questions about whether his Lieutenant Governor or Attorney General are able to take over for him.

Both Northam and his Attorney General Mark Herring have admitted to wearing blackface in the past, and Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax is caught up in a dramatic assault scandal.

Some are speculating that Northam is behind these smears on his successors in an attempt to force everyone to ignore his own controversy.

But if these three are rightfully ousted, according to the Democrat standard, Virginia will undergo a shocking red wave right away, and probably again in 2020.

From Washington Examiner:

Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox, a Republican, is the third in line to become governor — an unlikely rise in succession that has suddenly become more plausible as the top three Democratic officials in the state now face crippling controversy.

If all three should step aside, Cox would be next up to serve out Northam’s term, per Article 5, Section 16 of the Virginia Constitution.

Cox, 61, became speaker at the beginning of 2018 — a position he likely would have lost if not for a coin flip that decided a tied Virginia House election in 2017 and ultimately gave GOP control of the statehouse.

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House Speaker Cox would be a welcome change of pace from the current leadership in Virginia.

He has served in the State House since 1990, and had a great track record of standing for conservative values. Unlike Northam, Herring and Fairfax, Cox is also proudly pro-life.

The Democrats in Virginia are becoming increasingly radicalized, introducing bills that would even allow a woman to decide the life of her child during labor.

Cox may be just what the good Lord ordered to restore some sanity to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

But Speaker Cox has been hesitant to call for Northam’s resignation, stating that, “You have to consider that to some degree you’re overturning an election.”

At a time when Democrats are still foaming at the mouth over the lie that Russia intervened in our election, Cox is right to proceed with caution.

If serious calls for resignations come, they must come from the Democrats. Their own code of ethics demands it.

And whether or not they are kicked out, Democrats are in big trouble in Virginia in 2020, a key swing state for President Trump as well. Virginia could be going all red again for the first time in decades in the fallout.

There are a few Democrats who are continuing to pressure Northam to resign. We’ll have to wait and see if the dominos fall.

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