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Trump Announces ‘Blazing Hot’ Wall Feature – It Will Stop Caravan In Its Tracks

The caravan will never know what hit them.

President Trump is committed to building the unscaleable barrier across our border.

Not only does he want to build new fencing, but to secure existing measures.

His latest idea will ensure nobody wants to even get close to his barrier.

From Fox News:

One of President Trump’s closest political allies claims he suggested painting parts of the existing wall along the U.S. border with Mexico black in an effort to deter illegal immigration.

“He was talking about repainting part of the border wall down in Mexico so it’s hotter in the sun,” said Corey Lewandowski…

Lewandowski recalled that Trump told the group, “Let’s paint it black. It will be hotter so you can’t climb over the thing.”

The caravan will never know what hit them.

Many have been touting the notion of enhanced, high tech security. But nothing’s more effective than a blazing hot, hotter than hell fence.

Coyotes and other fence jumpers won’t like to scale a burning-hot piece of metal! That alone will keep these smugglers out of our country.

It seems, though, that red tape in Congress will prevent this from happening. What else is new?

Democrats don’t care about border security. They’ve shut down the government, just so our border remains weak and open.

So, I’m not surprised they oppose such a simple measure to keep our border secure.

But something tells me that Trump’s big beautiful fence will be black.

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H/T: Patriot Journal

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