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BREAKING: Kamala Harris Might Lose Her Seat In The Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Kamala Harris may be booted off the Senate Judiciary Committee, after Republicans announced they may reduce the size of the 21-memeber committee prior to the new Senate reconvening in 2019.

Fox News reported that if that happens, Sen. Kamala Harris of California — a high-profile Democrat who is considered a possible candidate for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination — could be left off the panel, according to a report.

That’s because the first-term senator is the judiciary committee’s most junior member, and would be among the first to go if the panel is downsized.

You’ll recall, Kamala Harris is the Senator who compared ICE to the KKK.

Watch the video:

From Bizpacreview.com

Democrat Senator Kamala Harris could be kicked off the Senate Judiciary Committee as Senate Republicans consider reducing the size of the 21-member committee ahead of the transition to the New Year.

Harris could be booted because the first-term senator is the Senate Judiciary Committee’s most junior member, Fox News reported. Predictably, Harris is fighting the move because it provides a high-profile stage for her showboating antics ahead of her rumored 2020 presidential run.

Democrats are negotiating with Republicans to keep the committee at 21 members, or are reportedly trying to convince another Democrat to step down so Harris could take their place.

Naturally, Democrats played the Race Card in a bid to keep Harris’ seat. Brian Fallon, the former press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, puffed:

“Not only would it be unconscionable to remove the only African-American woman from the committee, but Sen. Harris also is the most skilled questioner on the entire panel.

Whatever options they need to consider, removing Harris should not be one of them. The backlash would be intense.”

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