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President Trump Chops Down Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ – Obama Dems Lose $16B


Under President Obama, the federal government was out of control. Democrats made agencies too powerful, too restricting, and incredibly wasteful.

Much like California’s forests, these agencies were overgrown. Not only did they hamper private businesses with regulations, but they cost Americans billions in taxes.

But President Trump has been fixing this massive mistake. Since he’s taken office, he’s slashed the size of government.

Saving Americans a bundle.

From Washington Examiner:

Under orders to slash regulations, 11 of 16 top federal agencies went on a cutting frenzy last year, eliminating old rules, many from the Obama era, for a total saving to taxpayers and business of $7.8 billion.

In a key sign of the new trend, nearly a third of the administration’s regulatory actions were actually moves to cut rules and red tape, according to a calendar year end review from American Action Forum.

Overall, federal agencies cut $16.4 billion in regulations but added $8.6 billion in new rules.

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Obama was all about control. He wanted the government to dictate everything about your life.

Yet, he put America second to every other country in the world. Imagine that!

Worse still, he used government regulation to weaken our economy. Probably to help out his globalist buddies.

The great news is all these schemes by Obummer have officially failed. Donald Trump has overturned just about every policy Obama implemented.

With his legacy firmly destroyed, all Obama can do is watch the United States thrive like never before.

Something he worked eight years to prevent from happening.

President Trump has slashed government regulation through federal agencies. This allows private industries to thrive—without the burden of excess rules and fees.

This has also forced government agencies to shrink, meaning fewer employees requiring government paychecks.

Boom—he just saved Americans billions.

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