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Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi, In Desperate Panic After Attorney General Barr Exposes Spying On Trump Camp, Tries To Suggest Comments Disqualify Barr From Office

Kirsters Baish| On Wednesday, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned Attorney General Bill Barr and his “independence” from the President, according to the Associated Press. Pelosi claimed that Barr looking into Trump’s claims that the Obama administration had spied on his 2016 presidential campaign “undermines” his role as the United …

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FBI Documents Just Released Show Why James Comey “Launched Coup Against President Trump” According To Sean Davis

It has been reported that new court documents prove that the infamous Comey memos did in fact contain classified and confidential material. This material is said to have included the name of a “confidential source.” DavidHarrisJr.com reports that since the memos contained classified material, Comey “clearly violated the Espionage Act.” …

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After 2-Year ‘Witch Hunt,’ Furious Schumer Demands Barr Cough-Up Evidence Of Spying ‘Conspiracy’ Or Retract

Led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Democrats have called for Attorney General Bill Barr to retract his factual assertion (or “conspiracy theory,” as they put it, ironically enough) that the Obama administration had spied on President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign. “AG Barr admitted he had no evidence …

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