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2nd U.S. School District Caught Promoting Islam

A legal team has dispatched a cease-and-desist letter to a school district in Washington state that promoted Islam through a Ramadan policy that provides special privileges for Muslim students. It’s the second district in the state found to have the special policy in just the last week. The Freedom of …

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Man Arrested, Faces 140 Years From Plotting To Kill Trump

A Connecticut man has been indicted after prosecutors say he threatened to kill U.S. President Donald Trump and sent others bomb threats and mail containing suspicious white powder, according to court documents. Gary Gravelle, 51, was indicted on 16 counts, including that he threatened the president in September 2018 by …

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Trump Checkmates Pelosi Over Border Wall

President Trump just checkmated Nancy Pelosi and ended her reign of obstruction over the border wall. Look, we have a crisis at the border – even Joe Biden admits it, or an old video did where he supported the wall and complained about sanctuary cities. The left simply wants to …

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